SUSTAINABILITY is at the core of what we do






We care about the planet, so we make sure our bulbs light the world at sustainably as possible, with the highest standard is energy efficiency.


At Solus we care about the future of our world and that of our customers, so we have launched a key initiative and promise to ourselves and the world, which we call Planet First. This means we always consider the environmental impact of everything we make and do

  • Solus bulbs are the most energy efficient LEDs on the market
  • Solus TÜV-certified emission calculation ensures that solus delivers ‘green logistics’ services by using innovative software to calculate relevant emissions based on the vehicle, weight and inclines, so we only ever travel the ‘green logistic routes’ throughout Ireland.
  • The new Solus fleet of energy efficient vans minimize omissions
  • New Solus packaging is 100% recyclable, with reduced footprint and use of materials across the range


Solus Operations - guiding principles for sustainability


  • The Solus Green Dublin office promotes paperless practice, consumables recycling, cycling to work and a healthy lifestyle
  • Paperless operations and electronic operations bags, cuts 5 kg of paper manuals per van.
  • Solus continuously invest in fuel-efficient new vehicles and improved engine technology. The fleet has been upgraded to Mercedes Benz Eco Sprinters
  • Solus conduct the most efficient operational procedures in the industry.


New Solus Packaging -  Guiding principles for sustainability:


  • First lighting company to show how to recycle on pack
  • Implemented a reduction in plastics by 85% on A55 range
  • 50% less plastic used than competitors
  • Clearly defines what and how to recycle – stop the mix up
  • Have given away 200,000 eco-friendly shopping bags to help all customers be more sustainable


Solus Products - guiding principles for sustainability


  • 1st to roll out Filament LED in Ireland
  • Next-generation of lightbulbs must deliver a step change efficiency to deliver on ambitious climate targets. To reinforce this requirement Solus advocate the development of ambitious, low-energy lightbulb designs
  • Solus support the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature rise to less than 2°C, the current global ambition of limiting warming to 1.5°C and the European focus on setting ‘Net Zero’ targets.


Green Logistics

We are at the forefront of actual sustainable initiatives by using the world’s only TÜV-certified emission calculation which is innovation in action by providing ‘green logistics’ services.  The software calculates relevant emissions based on the vehicle, weight and inclines. It calculates the most ‘green logistic routes’ throughout Ireland.