Over the last five years, Solus has changed more than any other lighting company, as they rolled out a series of digital and customer experience improvements.

We have made a number outstanding achievements to date which has been recognised through industry awards and we have ambitious targets for the future

We have also significantly evolved our packaging look & feel.  Streamlining formats, making our packs 100% recyclable, introducing a strong colour coding systems, bringing back our iconic chequerboard pattern and making the pack descriptions work harder for our consumers.

The new innovative Solus Lighting Centres allow customers to press a button to ‘try me’ and see exactly what light bulbs look like when lit in various surroundings with clear visuals and descriptions of each of the light bulbs, various shapes including the classic bulb, candle, reflectors, round, specials and fluorescent, wattage guides and fitting options such as bayonet or screw fit.  The ‘try me’ button feature is a pioneering move and a first for the lighting sector as customers can see exactly what the bulb looks like when lit.

We were also first in Ireland to introduce the XCross™ Filament LED range with patented technology. Solus next generation LED bulb with XCrossTM filament design creates a compact 360 degree light source that looks and lights just like the old favourite incandescent bulb.  It works just how you would expect it: instant light, using up to 90% less energy, with a natural warm light and up to 20,000 hours lifespan. Solus have also invested heavily into packaging and display solutions with helpful on-pack guides and new high-level Retail Experience display stands which take the customer experience in-store to a whole new level. 

Solus has now launched the Solus Energy Lab – an initiative around education, experience and energy awareness.  Lighting technology is changing fast and as we move to the next generation a key objective for Solus is around education, experience and creating energy awareness.  As part of that strategy, various programs around Ireland will be held throughout the year through the Solus Energy Lab so they continue to evolve their iconic Irish brand for the future.