'They Call Him Paddy Christmas' - Solus Shines a Spotlight on Local Heroes

'They Call Him Paddy Christmas' - Solus Shines a Spotlight on Local Heroes

'They Call Him Paddy Christmas' - Solus Shines a Spotlight on Local Heroes


They call him Paddy Christmas
Solus Shines a Spotlight on local heroes


Great Grandfather Paddy Price (88) has been bringing joy to the village of Prosperous in Co Kildare since 1965 with his delightful Christmas lights display in his garden. People travel from far and wide to see the lights but perhaps the most enchanting of all is Paddy himself.  His quietly spoken and gentle demeanor belies his powerful strength and razor-sharp mind. Funny, engaging and full of chat, Paddy’s warm welcome to all who visit and is so special.  He even has a little heater in the child size Christmas house he built so the children don’t get cold as they delight in the free lollipops and sweets he provides.  They call him “Paddy Christmas.”


Irish light bulb company, Solus are very proud to shine a spotlight on local heroes and Paddy is the first in a series of stories highlighting ordinary people that do extraordinary things.  We hear so much about celebrities and the elite or about non-profits but this is all about normal, everyday people choosing to make their lives and the world around them a better place.


Back in 1965, there were not too many outdoor lighting displays for Christmas.  Perhaps Paddy is somewhat of a trendsetter!  Nowadays, every county in Ireland sparkles with Christmas lights that get more spectacular every year. Paddy prefers to make his own displays in his tool shed and spends hours happily welding odd bits of leftover metal and making beautiful stars, angels and structures of all shapes and sizes.  He also has a beautiful handmade fully furnished wooden house, a Christmas village and even a life-size Santa’s Sleigh.


Solus is an Irish owned company that has been established for over eighty years, now supports 63 jobs in Ireland and sell one light bulb every 6 seconds. Solus have a proud Irish heritage which has guided the brand for the last 80 years. Solus has been at the forefront of technology and lighting in Irish homes since electricity was first introduced in 1935.


Today, the company is a strong as ever and continues to place quality at the heart of their business. Solus continues to make advances in the 21st century, bringing new innovations and smart technologies into the ever-changing Irish home.


Media Contact: Helen O Dwyer | 086 2332725 | helen.odwyer@solus.ie


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